Notics - Afraid of the Dark Cover

Release: 08.09.2023

Producer: Notics

Catalog No: PLMS02

Notics delves into the depths of our primal fears with his electrifying Tech House track, Afraid of the Dark. This exceptional production masterfully captures the essence of fear, using hauntingly atmospheric sounds and pulsating beats that will send shivers down your spine. At the core of Afraid of the Dark lies a captivating female vocal that draws you in with its haunting allure. The singers mesmerizing voice conveys a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty, reflecting the very essence of being afraid of the dark. Layered with emotive lyrics, her voice paints a vivid picture of a journey through the mysterious and terrifying realms of the night. The track’s aggressive call-and-response elements heighten the tension, creating an intense and immersive experience for the listeners. As the beats progress, the call-and-response exchanges between the vocal and the mesmerizing synth hooks create a sense of inner struggle, mirroring the internal conflict one feels when confronting their deepest fears.



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