Crane the Brain - Back
Crane the Brain - Back

Crane the Brain is ‘Back’ – New EP is out now!

From the depths of Germanys electronic music scene, Crane the Brain returns to the forefront with two electrifying tracks that are guaranteed to leave you craving more. With “Back” and “Homerun,” Crane the Brain showcases his signature blend of pulsating beats and infectious grooves, perfectly tailored for both club nights and open-air adventures. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the magic of Crane the Brain – grab your copy now and let the music transport you to new dimensions!


Crane the Brain - Back

Crane the Brain’s EP “Back” has rocketed to #9 on the @beatport Tech House Release chart, and it’s all because of your phenomenal support!

To our incredible Palmlands People, who stream, download, and share our music relentlessly, we owe you our deepest thanks. 🙌 Your passion fuels our journey!

Let’s aim for the stars and make it a reality to push this hot EP into the Top 3! ❤️

“Back” also made an impressive entrance at #45 on the Beatport Overall Release chart and is steadily climbing! With your continued support, we can soar even higher! ✅

Spread the word, share your love for the music, and let’s showcase the strength of our Palmlands community! 🪴

Every single stream, download, and share makes a difference. Together, we can achieve extraordinary things! Let’s keep the energy up and make waves! 🚀

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