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Roxy Nox Lights Up Juicy Beats Festival 2023

Dortmund’s Juicy Beats Festival 2023 witnessed Roxy Nox playing her electrifying debut track „Soulmate“ on the Honigmelone stage for the first time before the official release. The rising star captivated the audience through blending pulsating beats and melodic undertones that left festival-goers buzzing.

Roxy Nox’s performance on the Honigmelone stage showcased her dynamic sound, seamlessly fusing techno, house, and trance.

The anticipation leading up to Roxy Nox’s set was palpable, with her magnetic stage presence and immersive sound keeping the audience dancing. The Honigmelone stage became a hub for musical discovery, solidifying Roxy Nox’s status as an artist to watch in Tech House.

Juicy Beats Festival 2023 will be remembered as the catalyst for Roxy Nox’s ascent, setting the stage for an exciting trajectory in her career. As fans eagerly anticipate more groundbreaking moments, Roxy Nox emerges as a name synonymous with innovation and vibrancy in the realm of tech house music.